IIT-BHU Alumni Donated How Much To Set Up An Entrepreneurship Center

Varanasi: A graduate of IIT-BHU Jay Chaudhry, the CEO and founder of a cloud-based information security firm, has donated $1 million to the IIT-BHU Foundation. The contribution will benefit IIT-Entrepreneurship BHU’s Center, which will focus on the development of students, professors, and entrepreneurs. Chaudhry graduated from IIT-BHU with a BTech in Electronics Engineering in 1980.

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The donation will be used to build a Software Innovation Center, which will provide a platform for students to learn and innovate in the disciplines of software development, quantum computing, cyber security, IoT, and data analytics, according to an IIT-BHU spokesman.
Deep Jariwala will engage with IIT-BHU to choose a faculty member who will oversee and operate the Software Innovation Center as the ‘Jay Chaudhry Professor of Software Innovation.’ In addition to a professorship and the Innovation Center, Chaudhry’s gift will support a lecture series on software innovation and a software technology seed fund. Both of these activities are overseen by Vish Narayanan on behalf of the IIT-BHU foundation.


“This Entrepreneurship Center will assist young students in navigating their careers and learning practical skills that will enable them to be more competitive in the world of cyber security,” says Chaudhry, who adds, “The education I received at IIT-BHU played a pivotal role in preparing me for the business world.” My aim is that the Entrepreneurship Center will provide kids with high aspirations and dreams the same opportunities that I did.

According to Arun Tripathi, head of the IIT-BHU Foundation, Chaudhry is an inspiration for students. “With this contribution, we’ve been able to obtain funding for student development, teacher development, and entrepreneurship development at IIT-BHU.” We are all committed in revitalising our Institute, advancing its mission, and enhancing its reputation as a world-class engineering college as graduates. All of this and more is possible because to Jay’s assistance.”

The director of IIT-BHU, Prof. Pramod Kumar Jain, and the Board of Governors also expressed their gratitude and recognised the significance of the $1 million contribution. Dr. Jain noted, “The Entrepreneurship Center will go a long way toward increasing student education and progress, faculty retention of the world’s top talent, and the promise of young entrepreneurs on our campus.”

He went on to say, “It’s this support from current alums for future alums that keeps IIT-BHU on the leading edge.” We are overjoyed to be able to put this great gift to use in assisting so many of our students in following in Jay’s footsteps.

Prof. Rajeev Srivastava, Dean (Resource & Alumni), also expressed his gratitude and added that the DoRA office is working with the IIT-BHU Foundation and alumni all over the world to further the university brotherhood’s overall development.

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