In just 24 hours, India has recorded over 90,000 new Covid cases

The Omicron variation is found in 2,630 cases across the country, with 797 cases in Maharashtra and 465 cases in Delhi.
New Delhi: In the last 24 hours, India reported 90,928 new COVID-19 cases, up 55 percent over the 58,097 instances reported the day before. The Omicron variation is found in 2,630 cases across the country, with 797 cases in Maharashtra and 465 cases in Delhi.

The top 10 coronavirus updates in India are as follows:

The fast-spreading Omicron variety has now spread to 26 states across India. A 73-year-old man from Rajasthan is the first recorded victim of the new Covid strain. The man was properly vaccinated, according to the government, and had no substantial contact or travel history.

The positive rate is 3.47 percent every week and 6.43 percent per day. The positivity rate is the percentage of all Covid tests that are genuinely positive. It will be high if the number of positive tests is high or the overall number of tests is low.

The recovery rate is currently at 97.81 percent. At least 19,206 people have recovered in the last 24 hours. There have been 3,43,41,009 successful recovery attempts. With 0.81 percent of total cases now active, active cases make up less than 1% of total cases. There are 2,85,401 active cases in total.

India has recorded over 90,000 new Covid cases

325 persons died of Covid during the time for which data for the latest Health Ministry figures was collected. This includes 258 recent deaths in Kerala, which were added based on pending petitions following recent Supreme Court instructions.

Several governments have adopted limitations like as night curfews as the number of Covid cases continues to climb.

Maharashtra led the way with 26,538 new cases recorded in a single day, followed by West Bengal with 14,022 infections reported in a single day.

The number of new Covid cases in Delhi than doubled in the last 24 hours, jumping from 5481 to 10,665, the highest single-day increase since May 12. In addition, eight people died, the most since June 26.

Immunization is now being given to those between the ages of 15 and 18. Over 147 crore vaccine doses have been administered in India, representing a significant advance in the fight against COVID-19.

The ‘precautionary’ dose, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced last month in response to high demand for vaccine boosters in the wake of the Omicron threat, is currently only available for frontline and healthcare workers, as well as those over 60 with co-morbidities, and will begin on January 10. According to Dr VK Paul, the leader of India’s Covid task team, there would be no mixing and matching of vaccines for individuals eligible for a ‘precautionary’ third dosage.

The average daily rise of Covid this time is roughly 21 percent quicker than during the second wave in March-April, according to data. According to a seven-day moving average, the number of cases has grown from 56 to 199. The rate is anticipated to grow more as a result of today’s data.

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