In order to save China’s leader, WHO left ‘Xi’ out of the new COVID variant Omicron

The choice by the World Health Organization to call a new COVID-19 variant “Omicron” has prompted a lot of online curiosity.

The World Health Organization’s decision to call a new COVID-19 variation “Omicron” has caused a lot of internet debate, with some questioning why the UN health body bypassed a few letters in the Greek alphabet in favour of the 15th. The WHO, on the other hand, offered no explanation as to why the Greek letters Nu and Xi, which appear following Delta, were overlooked. Delta is the name of a COVID strain that was identified in India in December 2020 and quickly spread throughout the country, eventually reaching Europe and the United States, according to a report by the news outlet Sputnik.

WHO left ‘Xi’ out of the new COVID variant Omicron

Meanwhile, Paul Nuki, Senior Editor of The Telegraph, said on Twitter that the WHO skipped the Greek letters to avoid any confusion, citing anonymous WHO sources. “The Greek alphabet letters Nu and Xi were purposely omitted, according to a WHO source.

Nu was eliminated to avoid misunderstanding with the word “new,” and Xi was omitted to “avoid stigmatising a region,” according to the researchers. “All pandemics are inherently political!” Nuki remarked on Twitter. The WHO’s decision, on the other hand, sparked some lively discussion on social media.

“It makes logic (albeit Omnicron sounds like a microwave brand), but what happens if we run out of letters?” In response to the UN health agency’s decision, one of the users wrote. Do hurricanes have names like Bill? [sic]. ” “How do you keep a region from being stigmatised?” Why aren’t they worried that naming all of the versions with Greek letters will stigmatise Greece? “[sic],” said another.

“And in the following variant, they’ll skip Pi because it will irritate all the mathematicians!” As one person put it, “sic.” “Nu and Mu are also prevalent surnames in Asia, and Delta Airlines has so many Gamma/Theta in the world, but no offence, only Xi offence [sic],” said another commenter.

The Omicron coronavirus is a type of coronavirus that has been found in the United States

The new coronavirus variant B.1.1.529, named Omicron, was found in South Africa and has been categorised by the World Health Organization as a ‘variant of concern.’ The virus has frightened scientists and the medical community due to its intricate genetic sequencing. It’s also the most powerful SARS-CoV-2 variant found so far. The variant’s protein spike has more than 50 mutations, including more than 30 on the spike protein, making it significantly more transmissible than the Delta version.

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