JEE FIITJEE Result: JEE Toppers From FIITJEE Share Success Story In Exam

FIITJEE is a pioneer in competitive test preparation with a pan-India network of 67 institutes in 43 cities, as well as subsidiaries in Bahrain and Qatar.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2021 results were recently issued for students seeking admission to various Indian Institutes of Technology across the country. The top three students on the top ten list, all of whom are FIITJEE students, spoke to Republic Media Network about their strategic planning in cracking the difficult exam, as well as the mentorship provided by FIITJEE on their path to success.

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FIITJEE, a pioneer in competitive test preparation, has a pan-India network of 67 coaching institutes in 43 cities, as well as subsidiaries in Bahrain and Qatar. This year, the institute continued its tradition of producing the greatest students in the tests, with three top scorers among the top ten candidates who have secured a spot in the JEE Advanced Exam 2021.

Ramesh Batlish, Managing Partner at FIITJEE Limited and Head-FIITJEE Noida, congratulated FIITJEE toppers Dhananjay Raman (AIR Rank 2), Anant Lunia (AIR Rank 3), and Kartik Sreekumar Nair (AIR Rank 7) on their outstanding performance in the JEE Advanced Exam 2021.


‘FIITJEE is the most powerful brand in serious education,’ says the company.

“FIITJEE started on a serious tone for preparing students for the JEE,” Batlish said of the institute, which was founded in 1992 by Chairman DK Goel. With all of the preparations, FIITJEE has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a tutoring institution to a youth organisation and the most powerful brand in serious education.

According to Batlish, the institute has been vital in helping JEE students achieve their goal of passing the difficult exam.

Toppers from the FIITJEE share their experiences: You must be committed to your aim.

He stated that the institute has been focusing on developing new approaches in order to bring about transformative changes in the students so that they can achieve their full potential.

Dhananjay Raman, speaking about his study technique and success storey on AIR 2, stated he didn’t have any short-sighted aims. “When I was in seventh grade, I enrolled in FIITJEE. At the time, I had bigger ambitions. I wanted to learn about a new field. I was led there by FIITJEE. They pushed me to pass all of my tests.

He advised hopefuls to set long-term goals. “You have to be committed to your aim,” Raman remarked.

3 AIR Anant Lunia, who enrolled in FIITJEE in class ten as part of a three-year learning programme (X-XII), said he focused on developing his problem-solving abilities. “Being a part of FIITJEE has been a wonderful experience, especially because the lecturers have been so welcoming. They placed a strong emphasis on our problem-solving abilities, which improved my abilities as well as my ability to deal with difficult questions.

FITJEE’s training methods are praised by a JEE topper.

“The materials that I received were quite thorough after every chapter we had varied levels of problems,” AIR 7 Kartik Sreekumar Nair, who undertook FIITJEE’s 2-year Integrated School Programe at the Mumbai Centre, said of the study material offered by the institute. Furthermore, teachers were always prepared with homework. It established a pattern for us. It strengthened our ability to recognise topics and, in the end, helped us develop the temperament to solve problems on our own.

“Even after the pandemic, we had quickly started our online classes,” Nair stated, referring to the uncertainty of classes following the COVID pandemic. On required classes, we often had comprehensive analysis with topic-by-topic discussions. During our studies, we had the opportunity to self-correct.”

In JEE Advanced 2021, a total of 1,41,699 students took both papers 1 and 2; 41,862 people passed the exam, including 6,452 females.

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