Schools in Delhi will be Shut Again from Tomorrow due to Air Pollution. Board Exams Will Continue

Delhi schools will be shuttered again starting tomorrow due to the state’s air pollution. The administration was admonished by the Supreme Court on Thursday for reopening schools.

After the state administration was chastised by the Supreme Court, the Delhi government has decided to close all schools in the nation’s capital once more. The Delhi government reopened the schools on November 29. The Delhi administration was asked by the Supreme Court on December 2 why schools were reopened when adults were allowed to work from home.

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Previously, the Delhi CM was the first political leader in the Delhi NCR to announce school closures in response to growing concerns about air pollution and to protect pupils from it. This was done after the Delhi administration was given a 24-hour deadline by the Supreme Court to come up with a pollution-reduction plan.

Beginning tomorrow, schools in Delhi will be closed.

The Supreme Court’s verdict in the Delhi Air Pollution case prompted Gopal Rai, the Delhi Environment Minister, to make a statement. “All schools will be closed starting tomorrow as a result of the air pollution crisis in Delhi,” he stated. It’s worth noting that Delhi’s air pollution hasn’t improved since the Diwali festival.

SC is perplexed as to why youngsters are required to go to school.

The decision was made by a special bench chaired by Chief Justice NV Ramana. According to the Justice, the Aam Aadmi Party government has previously promised a work-from-home policy, lockdown, and the shutdown of educational institutes during earlier sessions. The Bench was further concerned that, despite these guarantees, the children went to school while their parents worked from home.

Schools in Delhi will be Shut

The bench pondered, “Why are youngsters being forced to attend to school when the government has adopted work from home for adults?” “We take pollution from industry and vehicles very seriously.” Bullets cannot be fired from our shoulders; you must walk. What is the point of schools being open? Despite the escalating levels of air pollution in Delhi, we believe nothing is being done,” the Court stated during the hearing.

The following schedule will be followed for the board exam: Manish Sisodia is a politician from India.

The Delhi Education Minister, Manish Sisodia, turned to Twitter to stress that even if schools are closed, the Board exams will be held as scheduled. “All Delhi schools will remain closed until further orders due to pollution,” he tweeted. The board examinations, on the other hand, will adhere to a strict timetable.”

SC has abandoned the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign.

The Supreme Court also cancelled the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ advertisement on Thursday. It was only a popular saying, according to the Supreme Court. Commuters were asked to switch off their vehicles while waiting for the traffic light to turn green between October 21 and November 15, as part of the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ campaign, which included government officials from the transport department, volunteers, and traffic cops. The campaign was later extended until November 30th by the government, but it has since been cancelled.

“Who is responsible for the health of these poor young guys holding banners in the middle of the road?” How many of these young boys are out on the road to attract attention? Apart from the well-known tagline, what else is it?” On the bench were Justices DY Chandrachud and Surya Kant.

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