SCORE by Sri Chaitanya can help you win a Scholarship worth a Billion Rupees

The Biggest Talent Hunt Exam in India is Here!

Talent can be discovered in the most unexpected places. Despite the fact that India is rich in talent, a lack of opportunity has resulted in many worthy children with remarkable ability being left behind and unable to follow their desire of furthering their education.

Sri Chaitanya wants to bridge this gap, and as a result, he has provided opportunity to lakhs of such students across the country through SCORE, India’s largest talent hunt exam.

SCORE’s major purpose is to find deserving students, award scholarships and awards to them, and encourage them to seek academic success.

Through its unique integrated curriculum, top test scorers receive world quality mentorship from highly trained instructors, as well as the best coaching for IIT/NEET/AIIMS and other competitive exams.

“Over the years, SCORE has evolved into a highly important event for Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution since it represents the institution’s efforts to promote talent, aptitude, and abilities. The objective of the organisation is to uncover, identify, train, and develop the leaders of tomorrow. “Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions has been relentlessly conducting many industry-leading educational initiatives, employing innovative methodologies and instruction methods to bring about a sort of revolution in the education sector,” says Sushma Boppana, Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions and Co-Founder of Infinity Learn.

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Sri Chaitanya

“SCORE is a fantastic way for students to get the scholarships they need to continue their education,” says Ujjwal Singh, CEO and President of Infinity Learn. This is especially beneficial for students who have no other options for financial support and are forced to drop out of school owing to financial restrictions. This Scholarship would surely raise their self-esteem, help them stay focused on their studies, and enable them to pursue their goals.”

Through a planned curriculum customised to suit the changing criteria of competitive entrance tests, Sri Chaitanya aspires to offer its students with both theoretical and technical expertise.

SCORE was developed with the help of recent JEE and NEET toppers to give students preparing for competitive exams a way to assess their strengths and weaknesses. For the previous two years, an aspirant candidate can study with the same faculty that has generated top performance in the All India JEE Advanced.

Students who pass the SCORE exam can earn up to a Rs. 1,000 crore scholarship, as well as other interesting prizes like a sports bike, a NASA educational trip, computers, iPads, iPhones, smart watches, Alexa, and more.

Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution has always endeavoured to provide educational opportunities to exceptional children who lack the financial resources to pursue a quality education. The founders’ entire ideology is based on education as a means of advancing societal progress. The institution’s continued operation is built on this foundation. The group has committed to helping deserving pupils.

Thanks to its broad student community, which includes students from numerous states, the institution has a strong alumni network that believes in supporting juniors as well as participating in other educational activities.

Several of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution’s alumni have been appointed to significant government policy projects and have contributed in their formulation as a result of its recruitment drives.

SCORE’s overall purpose is to provide students a chance to evaluate their skills and highlight areas where they can improve. This will help them stay academically competent and pass any test they are given.

SCORE is a national online/offline assessment for students in grades 3 through 12. Students can take the test from any location in India by going to on their computer or mobile phone.

Who can apply for a spot in the programme?

Students in grades 3 through 12 enrolled in a state, national, or international board-affiliated institution.

SCORE Exam Eligibility

The scholarships are available to students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 who wish to enrol in Infinity Learn’s NEET & JEE Main, JEE Advanced courses.

Unique Benefits of SCORE

6th Grade Abacus Practice Set

7th and 8th grade Vedic Mathematics Kit

Kit for Class 9th NTSE Preparation Kit for Class 9th NTSE Preparation Kit for Class 9th NTSE Preparation

NTSE Preparation Kit for Class 10th with Mock Text

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