VSI Jaipur’s VVMP Program: Enroll to get the best CA Final Result

CA final exams are regarded as one of the most difficult in India. To pass this exam, many students must take 5-6 or more attempts. Thousands of students hope to pass the CA Final exam on their first attempt and receive a respectable score. With the VSI Jaipur, though, it is conceivable. VSI Jaipur is India’s best CA final coaching institute, with many students achieving excellent results in their first attempt. VSI has the record for the highest CA Final, IPCC, and Intermediate exam scores. Do you want to know how it can be done?

The VVMP programme from VSI is the answer. After years of research and experience educating a large number of pupils, VSI developed this programme. SWOT analysis, study plan techniques, target-based study, mock test series, motivating workshops, and personalised mentoring are all part of the VVMP process. All of these procedures increase students’ chances of receiving the desired CA Final result and passing the examinations in one sitting. Garima Kothari, a VSI student, received the AIR 8th place in the CA Final result of July 2021. In an exclusive conversation with CA RC Sharma Sir, find out what she has to say.

Sharma, R.C. Sir has been a continual source of motivation and guidance throughout my preparation, assisting me in achieving this level. The VSI facility is extremely serious in their attempt; professes have reposed to me at odd hours and late at night when I have questions and doubts; this boosts my confidence and helps me to clear my concept clarity. According to my experience, it is a highly regular and time-consuming course, but it is not rocket science; if you set your sights high from the start and hope for the best, you will succeed, and there is no secret mantra. Garima Kothari (Garima Kothari, Garima Kothari, Garim

Let’s get to know the VVMP program’s method, accomplishments, and enrolling process, as well as the costs structure. Read the entire method to learn how VSI students achieve such outstanding CA Final results in 2021.

VSI VVMP Process

The Chartered Accountancy Final Course is the final level of the Chartered Accountancy programme. VSI has designed this VVMP programme for the students because it is lengthy, demanding, and difficult to pass. The VVMP method consists of several steps designed to assist, guide, and motivate pupils. This is how the VVMP programme works.

SWOT Analysis

VSI gathers the kids’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats during this procedure. Also, it aids pupils in transforming their flaws into assets. The faculty identifies your strengths, develops answers to problems, and examines your academic performance. They next look for areas where they may improve after pointing out the flaw. They also look for chances by identifying areas for improvement. It is a critical stage in achieving a good CA Final outcome, and VSI works tirelessly to assist each student.

Study Plan and Strategy

Following the SWOT analysis, VSI creates unique study strategies for each student. The CA applicants are given a timetable by VSI during this process. They begin studying for their CA exam according to that schedule. Furthermore, VSI creates an ideal learning approach for students to discover what to study, how to learn, and when to learn. The staff primarily focuses on the most significant chapters for each subject and encourages students to devote more attention to them. Students also learn how to make the most of their irregular hours.

Target-based Study

VSI understands that having a perfect study plan isn’t enough for students to achieve a high ranking in the CA Final exam. As a result, VSI establishes study objectives for pupils. VSI assists students in completing the course on time by presenting them with a study map. In addition to all of this, VSI gives students with targets for each subject. Simultaneously, VSI advises students on how to cover the course in order to have enough time for modifications.

VSI Mock Test and Analysis

VSI creates sample test papers for CA students as part of this process, assisting them in passing the CA exams. One of the major reasons for VSI’s amazing CA Final pass percentage 2021 is mock test papers. These mock exam papers are based on ICAI study material and previous year papers and are prepared in an unbiased manner with suitable question arrangement. Questions from the VSI mock test series are worth 62 points in the CA Final examinations in December 2021. As a result, you can now estimate the series’ quality and level.

Motivational and Success Sessions

VSI offers motivating workshops for the students in addition to CA Final lessons. VSI discusses success stories from past batches during these sessions, and strives to instil a positive mindset in the students. Aside from that, VSI gives students motivational advice and pushes them in the proper direction to reach their goals.

Personal guidance

CA, R.C Sharma sir gives personal counselling to the students during this procedure. He also provides them with important study recommendations for the CA tests. Based on the student’s performance on the mock test, individualised guidance is provided. They will also be given a redesigned study plan in order to achieve a good CA Final result.

VVMP Amazing Achievements

In a single word, the accomplishments of VSI are incredible. VSI’s astounding accomplishments never cease to astound anyone. According to the CA final results, VSI was ranked AIR 8 in July 2021. In July 2021, 81 of VSI’s 100 students passed the CA final test. You may judge for yourself how high VSI’s CA Final passing % is. Three VSI students received AIR 29, AIR 30, and AIR 42 in the CA Final result in January 2021. In fact, VSI was ranked number one in all of India in the CA examinations seven times.

How to Enroll for the VVMP Program

You should join this VVMP programme for your CA Final test preparation now that you know how helpful it is in attaining the top CA Final exam score.

To enrol in the VVMP programme, go to the VSI’s official website. Fill out the admission inquiry form on the VVMP page. After that, you click “kindly call me back,” and VSI contacts you to invite you to join the programme. To begin the VVMP programme, complete the steps outlined above.

You can enrol in the VSI’s CA Final online sessions if you live outside of Jaipur. On the VSI main page, you can find all of the relevant information about the online classes.

CA Final Fees Structure of VSI’s VVMP

To join this program, you have to pay the fees as below.

CA final exam groupsSeries 1Series 2Series 3
Group 1Rs.2500Rs.5000Rs.7500
Group 2Rs.2500Rs.5000Rs.7500
Both groupsRs.5000Rs.10000Rs.15000


Finally, if you want to become a CA in one sitting, you should enrol in VSI’s VVMP programme right away. After enrolling in the programme, you will receive excellent study advice, direction, motivation, and a strategy for passing the CA final exam.

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